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SCBC Youth Philosophy of Ministry

The SCBC Youth Group exists to help the families in our church grow in their love and service of Jesus, focusing on young adults in the 7th-12th grade range.  Our goal is to partner with these young adults and their parents to promote a closer and fuller relationship between them and the Saviour Jesus Christ.

First and foremost, we seek to make our youths disciples of Christ by equipping them with God’s truth.  This main focus is accomplished by exposing them to God’s Word, and instructing them in it.  It is crucial in the walk of a believer that they know and follow God’s instructions, and there is no better place to learn those instructions than in the very clear words of the Bible He has given us.  We love God’s Word, and it is our absolute joy to share it with the young men and women in our ministry through lessons, devotions, small groups, and even games.  (II Tim. 3:16; Rom. 15:4; Is. 40:8)

We also aim to help the youths in our ministry develop positive and beneficial spiritual skills, such as prayer, devotions, encouraging others, and being accountable to one another as a form of edification.  If these important skills are to be evident in adult life, they need to be formed and practiced in youth.  Each time we meet, we emphasize the importance of these habits, and practice them together, or model them for our younger charges.  The Youth Group Staff truly does find pleasure and satisfaction in praying with, listening to, sharing with, and counseling in God’s Word the young people God brings to this ministry.  (Eph. 5:19; I Thess. 5:11)

Additionally, we place immense value on the assembling of our church’s youth together, for the simple sake of Christian fellowship.  We know as a church we have been admonished not to forsake fellowship with each other, and Youth Group events are a perfect part of that corporate fellowship for our young adults.  In fact, it is these times of fellowship when nearly all the other goals of this ministry are able to occur!  We view the consistent participation of the young adults of our church in this Youth Group ministry as a vital part of their role, and commitment to our church as a whole.  For the youths of our church, missing out on this fellowship can hinder not only their own walk with our Lord, but their effectiveness as members of our church, and even other young people who are denied the opportunity to fellowship with them.  While mere attendance is not a priority of this ministry, fellowship is, and it is incredibly difficult to have fellowship with someone when s/he does not attend.  (Heb. 10:24-25; Eph. 4:15-16)

Finally, those who staff the SCBC Youth Group are eager to serve the individuals and their families in this ministry.  We desire to serve our families as a part of the larger group, and individually as well.  For families with youth-aged children, always feel welcome to share any specific matters with us so we may serve your family better, as we will also communicate with parents when appropriate and necessary.  The Youth Group ministry is by no means designed to replace parents’ roles in their children’s lives, but to compliment how parents are leading their children at home already.  We look forward to being able to assist our church families in their responsibility of raising their children to love and obey our God, and helping them train up their children in the way they should go!  (John 13:14)

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