Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations

Matthew 28:19

SCBC is dedicated to supporting those who "go and make disciples" throughout the world, from local ministries to global endeavors. To be added to our missions newsletters, email us at info@scbc.cc.

Missionaries & Ministries

Foreign Missions
Ben & Kimberly Benedict | South Asia
Glenn & Dorothy Budd | Chiclayo, Peru
Rick & Lisa Caynor | Alicante, Spain
Tim & Martia Franklin | Tirol, Brazil
Massimo & Susanna Mollica | Genoa, Italy
Steve & Leslie Schneider | Santiago, Chile
Fred & Rachel Whitman | San Sisto, Italy
Stephen & Lisa Wreesman | Togo, Africa

Jim & Joan Hansen | Highland Park, CA
Kirk & Juanita McKeeth | Nampa, ID
Bruce & Margery McLain | CARB Representative
Jay & Diane Swanson | Manti, UT

Lay Missions
Bible Tabernacle | Canyon Country, CA
Victory Ranch | Moreno Valley, CA

Larry & Rose Anne Thornburg | Madrid, Spain